A Breath of Fresh Air : Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

Summer comes a-knocking for the southern hemisphere announcing the arrival of warmer days ahead. And, that means outdoor living is back! After months of staying indoors, many people are planning their outdoor summer look. From homes to hotels to cafes, this year’s design trends will elevate all living spaces.

So what are the trends furniture manufacturers and interior designers are looking at for 2021? From sustainable exterior ideas to low maintenance furniture, manufacturers have a lot to provide to the masses.

1. Go Monochrome!

A popular trend thanks to social media, monochrome will never go out of style. The go-to colour is white for the famed “tropical modernism” look.  But, don’t limit your designs to white, go for other colours as well, from earthy tones to bright yellows or even black and grey.

Utilise weatherproof materials like aluminium and wicker for the frame and seats respectively, paired with sunproof upholstery that will not fade.

Look at our collection of stylish greys and blacks with minimal teak details for added chic.

2. Habitat Gardening

Habitat Gardening is a growing trend as many people are drawn towards sustainable living, this is done by designing a mini habitat that usually utilises a water feature. Add a collection of water fountains and birdbaths to your outdoor summer product list this year.

Water fountains and birdbaths help attract wildlife to gardens whilst also serving an aesthetic purpose. The most common types are ceramic and concrete, for a more luxurious look marble and granite are good options.

Another great addition for outdoor spaces like this would be furnishings that easily blend with the environment as not to disrupt the overall aesthetic. Wicker or rattan chairs with glass table tops are perfect for a summery and tropical look that compliments the garden.

3. Summer Balcony

Everyone loves an inspired living space, and as manufacturers of furniture, you must provide viable design solutions for urban spaces like apartments or niche cafes and restaurants.

Many apartment owners dream of having their own outdoor space, their only option is the balcony area, so how can you help create the perfect summer nook? Have innovative furniture that can easily fit into small spaces, especially foldable chairs or knockdown tables that can be put away easily. 

4. Accommodating the indoors with the outdoors

Many homes, hotels, and cafes have outdoor spaces which are connected to their interior, this requires specific design solutions that are befitting of the indoors and the outdoors.

 Outdoor furniture usually focuses mostly on durability and practicality and it is easy for aesthetics to be overlooked. Cater to your customers by designing furniture that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

5. Tropically Innovative

At Tropicology we focus on creating innovative designs with a tropical edge, sleek and minimal designs with a hint of tropical modernism via wickerwork and wood detailing.

The tropical aesthetic has been a design trend that has been renewed every year; from bold prints to minimal lines and monotone upholstery. Having an innovative collection for this summer will make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Teak

Teak is a widely used wood that will never go out of style, it is a greener alternative to plastics and is durable. The quality of the materials used for your designs matter, especially for outdoor furniture.

Teak is strong and does not easily warp, it repels water therefore it does not expand making it crack resistant. Due to its high natural oil content, teak does not succumb to damage by rot, decay, or insects. Teak is low maintenance and has a honey-brown colour which gives the wood its signature look.

All these properties make it a staple for any outdoor furniture collection this summer.

7. Grey is the way to go

Colour plays a huge part in interior design it can completely change the look of a design and decide the mood of any living space. Grey is usually regarded as a dull and boring colour, however, if done right it can look stylish and sleek.

Grey is a staple of Modern Architecture and is seen in sofa designs and chairs, as well as tables. Add a hint of grey to your summer collection this year, it is perfect for urban city spaces and does pair well with the greens of plants and trees.

8. Clean and Modern

Minimalism is the name of the game, and outdoor furniture designs with clean, sleek lines will define 2021. Add designs that are uncomplicated with minimal details to your collection.

Stylish aluminium coated frames with wicker or rattan seating give a minimally modern look that is timeless yet casual, perfect by a pool or for a front porch.

From stylish grey to sustainable designing, what design trends will you add to your collection this Summer?

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